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We have added one of the most popular Shopping cart services for our customers. The service is very easy to use, and we have added this page to answer any questions you may have.

A shopping cart is just that. It is a program that allows you to browse our site and add items to your order as you browse. You can add, delete or change the quantity of any item as you go along. At any time during your visit, you can empty your cart thereby canceling your order. You should also know that this service is done over a SSL, a secure server that encrypts your order and prevents anyone on the internet from viewing this information.

To begin placing or adding to your order, simply click on the price of the item you would like to purchase ($14.95 for example.) You will get a message on your screen that you are going to a secure server, click on ok, and you will then see a screen with your order. You can change the quantity ordered, delete the item, or continue viewing the site.

If you click continue, you will be brought back to the page on our site that you chose the item from. You can continue to view pages of our catalog and add additional items to your cart. When you are done, and want to process your order, from any page, just click on:

You can cancel your order at any time from any page by clicking on:

When you have found the last item you would like to purchase, from the shopping cart page, you can place your order by clicking on "Send Order (Normal)", or "Send Order (Secure)" You also have the option again of choosing to "Empty Shopping Cart". By choosing "Send Order (Secure)" You will be able to send your order over the secure server in encrypted form.

You may or may not see the secure server message depending on your browser. The next page will again show your complete order, with shipping costs and options. Texas State residents will have sales tax added to their order. If you have tax exempt status, you must call our office or fax a copy of your tax certificate to us when you place your order. We will adjust your bill before shipment. You will now need to fill in your shipping and billing information. At the bottom of the page you will again be given options to "Send Order Now", "Empty Shopping Cart" or to "Click Here to Continue" The program will validate and encrypt your credit card information. If you enter a invalid credit card number you will be instructed to re-enter that information. If you have left any required fields empty, you will need to fill in that information before your order can be filled.

By Clicking "Send Order Now" You will have a chance to confirm your order. If all the information is correct, Please click "Confirm Order" at the bottom of the page. You will be presented with a confirmation page, showing your order number. Please copy this number down for future reference. Please note that you will also receive a e-mail confirmation with your complete order, and shipping information.

Please use your "Back Button" to return to the last page you were viewing.

To contact us by phone, please call: 936-258-3102
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